Strawberry Patch Preschool


1978 to 2011 Celebrating 33 Years of Service To God's Children

1801 Joliet Place

Oxnard, CA 93030

Maja Flint, Director
License # 561700905

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The Strawberry Patch is a non-profit preschool operated by the United Methodist Church as a service to the children of our community. We provide a nurturing, family friendly environment which encourages children to develop the social skills that they will need to be successful throughout their school years.  Educational programs focus on hands on activities, games, and music.

Our school is dedicated to educating preschool age children. We accept children from 2 years 5 months through 6 years of age. We offer extended day care from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Our purpose is to provide a nurturing environment that allows for the total growth of your child as they develop their social, physical, and cognitive skills.  We seek to ensure that every child develop a positive self image and a love for learning which will give them the confidence and passion that will allow them to grow into a successful adolescent and adult.   Our goal is to help your child:

     - develop positive self concepts;
     - increase competencies and skills in communication and social relationships:
     - build physical coordination and body mastery;
     - encourage independence and  self-reliance;
     - develop abilities in critical thinking and problem solving;
     - provide opportunities  for creativity and self-expression; and
     - connect experiences between home and the school for smooth


Our staff is chosen for their warmth, maturity and commitment to children and their families, as well as for their experiences and education.   Our teachers meet or exceed state licensing requirements.  We also have an excellent teacher/child ratio that allows for the maximum teaching experience.

Our staff is trained in both first aid and CPR.


We provide an age appropriate curriculum.  Our goal is to ensure that each child is challenged and interested in our school activities and continues to grow to their full potential. We offer a full academic program in the morning, and our afternoons are filled with exciting story times, arts and crafts and plenty of outside play.

We have an "open door" policy, parents/families are encouraged to observe and participate in our program at any time. 

We provide a nutritious snack in the morning and afternoon designed to develop healthy eating habits.


      7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
      Closed on all Federal Holidays


                                         Full Day        Half Day (4 Hours)

5 days a week                    $539                    $349

4 days a week                    $503                    $317

3 days a week                    $390                    $284

2 days a week                    $293                    $197

Rates as of September 2011

We accept Child Development Resources (CDR) Aid.